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Little Big Bits

Little Big Sticks

Little Big Sticks

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You know when you need a stick with a hook... well this is that stick!

The Little Big Stick is perfect for reaching those hard to get things:
- Pulling down tree branches to pick fruit 
- Trimming branches, no ladder needed!
- Hooking crab, cray or yabby pot floats.
- Working of cattle and sheep.
- Grab those things that are just out of reach on the back of a ute/truck.

The uses are endless! 
The Little Big Stick is strong and light but flexible. They float and they come in a number of bright, easy to see colours so you won't lose them!

Australian made and designed by an Aussie bloke who needed a stick with a hook!
Interested in becoming a Wholesale Stockist of Little Big Sticks, or would like to place a large order? Please contact us on 0417 824 115.

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