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FryTys Junior

FryTys Junior

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FryTys are a revolutionary product to make your life in the garden and around your yard easier!

From training tomatoes and vines to securing fence wires, FryTys are a multi-functional asset to add to your gardening toolbox. Designed to be tough, reliable and reusable! FryTys are a garden stake hook that attach easily to your existing garden stakes, and make setting up your veggie patch so much easier.

If the grandkids are playing up you can even hook them on to a FryTy and tell them they are now the garden’s scarecrow!

Designed and manufactured in South Australia, FryTys are made from 100% recycled UV stabilised plastic and a galvanised steel paddle bolt + nut.
Sold in packs of four. Weight per unit 180g.


Interested in becoming a FryTys wholesaler? Contact Bruce on 0417 824 115.

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